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If you’ve been promised the earth by web companies in the past but have never seen the results promised, I absolutely sympathise with you. Over 10 years ago I started Strawberry Web from this exact same scenario.

Whilst running my first business I took out a contract with a web designer who promised me page 1 results without having to pay Google Ads but never delivered. At the time I was spending over £3000 a month on Google ads so the promise of first page results in the organic listings that I didn’t have to pay for was very tempting and for just a one-off payment of £2000 the offer seemed too good to be true – yes you guessed it, it was too good to be true and the company never delivered.

Frustrated and annoyed I set out on a mission to discover how I could achieve this for myself for my own business and I succeeded.

And now, 10 years on I apply my methods to websites all over the country and achieve exactly what I was promised all them years ago – PAGE 1 RESULTS FOR YOU IN YOUR AREA without continually paying Google vast sums every month.

How Is This Possible?

It’s quite simple really – over these past 10 years I have developed the art of creating websites that Google likes and gives priority to – I study the competition and see who’s on page one in your area and pick apart their website looking for the cue’s that Google has liked them for.

This is a painstaking process but once complete it gives me the blueprint that I use to create successful sites. I then go on to create your website with the structured plan that I have formulated.

What services can this be done for?

Absolutely any type of service or product and any type of business as I simply create a blueprint from what I already know Google gives priority to 

how long before I'm seen on google?

As soon as your site is ready to go live (usually takes about 14 days to research and develop) your new website will be indexed on Google by submitting the details to be crawled (sitemap) and once it’s crawled by google over the coming few days your site will start to show. 

how long before I'm seen on Page 1 ?

We can’t control Google but most cases within 7-8 weeks is about normal – I constantly monitor your site’s progress and submit fresh content within your niche to keep the listing moving up the ranks

How do I know when I hit page 1 ?

Once this happens I will get a notification from the software that I use to track your progress and I will let you know and you can easily check by using a search tool like ISEARCHFROM which gives you an exact view of what Google sees in your area for your search term. There’s little point in using Google itself to search for your site as this will skew the results so we always reccomend using this type of search tool


My service is charged monthly at a fixed cost of £125.00 


Some of our latest case studies - how we've helped businesses rank on page 1 - this could be your business

Website Redesign

Mckenz-key Locksmiths Website Redesign

The client was paying over £350 a month to an SEO expert but had never reached page 1 – I rebuilt his website from the ground up and he hit page one in a few weeks – click here to see the stats

Website Design


After years of never getting enough clients and struggling from year to year this lovely hair salon in york approached me and after a long consultation I could see where the owner needed to be – page 1 on Google – within 6 weeks she was flying – listing on page one for all her search terms – this could be your business – right here on page 1

Years of Experience

Successful Projects

People You'll Deal With - ME


  • You’ll only ever deal with me direct
  • I’ll always get back to you the same day during working hours
  • I’ll work tirelessly to get your business ranked on Google as fast as possible
  • My methods are well researched and tried and tested – I will get you on Page one

My Ethos

  • I work closely with my clients and want you to be involved every step of the way
  • I won’t bamboozle you with jargon I will only use terms that you can understand
  • I want all my clients to be happy with the results and I’ always available to discuss any issues that you may have with my service
  • I’m available and will always answer any questions within the same working day where possible 


  • I left school with a basic secondary school education and developed a thirst for knowledge working in I.T and computer repairs for myself which now drives me to problem solve any issue
  • My insatiable appetite for getting to the bottom of problems and figuring out how things work has stood me in great stead in all my endeavors (although my wife would disagree I’m sure)


WEBSITE SECURITY ARE ANY SITES 100% safe after Amazon goes down.

WEBSITE SECURITY ARE ANY SITES 100% safe after Amazon goes down.

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Website design and Instagram relevance

Website design and Instagram relevance

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“This guy got my business listed on Google page 1 in just a few weeks thank you Gary you’re a magician.”

Step 1 security

owner, Locksmiths and security

“Stand-up guy delivers exactly what he says and so easy to deal with.”

Paul Mckenzie

owner, Mckenz-key locksmiths

“Fantastic service and I always deal with Gary direct – such a nice change from being passed from pillar to post – got me onto page 1 like he said he would.”

Sharron Butler

owner, Blake & Butler hair studio

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